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FAQ Set #1: the program, swimming, strokes

Q: What makes your classes different from other programs?

A: There are two major differences.

First, I develop a teacher-student relationship based on my respect for the students and the work I do to earn their trust. One important result: many students have succeeded here after unfortunate experiences at other programs.

Second, most programs spend precious time on highly defined strokes (e.g. "freestyle" and "backstroke"). In contrast, I focus activities on the students' natural movements and responses to their water experience, so swimming comes more quickly.

Q: But, wait right there. Don't students have to learn strokes to swim?

A: "Swim" means that they can get where they want to go in the water, that is, locomotion or traveling. Highly defined, correctly performed strokes are not required for locomotion.

Q: Do you ever teach strokes?

A: Yes. Once the student is swimming (traveling in the water), I build on that foundation to help the student group natural movements into the various strokes and skills.

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