Swim Success -- Sensitive, Sensible, Swimming Lessons

Swim Success

Unique swimming lessons in Houston, TX

(West of Houston, convenient to Katy, TX)
Cy-Fair school district, near Bear Creek
From Highway 6: west on Clay Road, then north; near Queenston

I have helped over 5,000 students learn and develop swimming strokes and water skills, synchronized swimming, and water safety skills and attitudes.

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On this website, you'll be introduced to an extraordinary swimming program. Although some benefits of my approach are not obvious at first, by the end of several weeks of lessons, you will be pleased—possibly even amazed—with how much the students are learning.

I offer a unique and highly personalized approach to teaching swimming and synchronized swimming that has evolved from my working with a wide variety of students since I started teaching here in 1975.

Almost everything about this program is different from other programs -- and the difference is in the details. Posting all of the many and varied details would be cumbersome -- basically impossible. Therefore, I post general information on this and two other websites. For the details, I invite you to visit the pool and talk with me in person.

On this website, check the blog for the FAQ list (Frequently Asked Questions).

On another website: swimsuccess.weebly.com has information on fees and scheduling.

A third website: swimsynchro.weebly.com has information on synchronized swimming.

After you have read through and become familiar with the general information on these websites, make an appointment for your Pool Visit so you can get the details that directly address your situation.

To contact Elise, use this contact form.