Swim Success -- Sensitive, Sensible, Swimming Lessons

Swim Success

Unique swimming lessons in Houston, TX

(West of Houston, convenient to Katy, TX)
Cy-Fair school district, near Bear Creek
From Highway 6: west on Clay Road, then north; near Queenston

I have helped over 5,000 students learn and develop swimming strokes and water skills, water safety skills and attitudes, and artistic swimming (synchronized swimming; water ballet).

Due to COVID-19, regular lessons were not held during Summer, 2020. This program remains “temporarily closed” until the virus is less of a problem. This website will be updated at that time.

I offer a unique and highly personalized approach to teaching swimming and artistic (synchronized) swimming that has evolved from my working with a wide variety of students since I started teaching here in 1975.

Almost everything about this program is different from other programs -- and the difference is in the details. Posting all of the many and varied details would be cumbersome -- basically impossible. Therefore, I post general information on this and several other websites. For the details, I invite you to visit the pool and talk with me in person—after the threat of COVID-19 is significantly reduced. When we re-open, that information will be posted. Until then, I wish you health and safety.

On another website: swimsuccess.weebly.com has information on fees and scheduling.

A third website: swimsynchro.weebly.com has information on synchronized swimming.

turtle swimming

turtle image by Efflam Mercier, public domain (CC0 license), via Flickr.