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Artistic Swimming

Our club combines recreation, performance, and competition, serving mostly newcomers, novices, and a few intermediate artistic swimmers.

Our focus is on nurturing individuals and families as they grow, learn, and develop aquatic skills and interpersonal skills relating to artistic swimming and to life.

In addition, we hope to foster future supporters and builders of our beloved artistic swimming.

Bits of history

"Water ballet" was the name used to talk about swimming to music with coordinated patterns. This was made quite popular decades ago when several "Hollywood extravaganzas" like "The Million Dollar Mermaid" were released starring Esther Williams.

The designation was changed to "synchronized swimming" to describe the athletic difficulty, and in 1984, this new sport became an Olympic sport.

The newest name now is "Artistic Swimming." This was changed internationally (FINA) in 2017. The USA changed shortly thereafter.

One of the USA swimmers who will compete in the Olympics in 2021 is a swimmer who started out in a club in the Greater Houston area.

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bluebonnets image by CC Rogers, CC-BY license, via Flickr.