Swim Success -- Sensitive, Sensible, Swimming Lessons


EARLY START (parent-tot): Children, ages 4 months to 4th birthday

POOL-SCHOOLERS (parent-child): Parents with children, ages 4 months through 4 years and older

BEGINNERS: Non-swimmers, ages 4 years and older

BUILDERS: Novice-swimmers, ages 4 years and older

STROKES & SKILLS: Swimmers, ages 4 years and older

ADULTS: either beginners or stroke improvement

ARTISTIC SWIMMING (synchronized swimming; water ballet): Swimmers, ages 4 years and older


Elise Lawton has taught swimming, artistic swimming, lifesaving, lifeguarding, and CPR in this area since 1975. She . . .

. . . is the mother of 4.

. . . is the grandmother of 5.

. . . is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RD, RDN).

. . . has her Masters degree and is "ABD" in Educational Psychology.

(ABD means she has completed all of her course work and other requirements towards her Ph.D. -- All But Dissertation.)