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  May 2011
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ABC 03 Life or Death -- Permission

Permission is a life or death issue.

Knowing how to swim is nice. Permission is critical.

Children must be supported in developing the knowledge and experience of getting permission from a responsible adult. Adults must learn and follow all applicable rules of safety so that they are the "responsible adult" in giving permission or withholding it--as appropriate. This adult giving or withholding permission is for children and also for the adults themselves as they make decisions for their own behaviors.

Permission is the absolute final answer to safety in, on, and around the water.

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ABC 02 Swim or Stroke

When some folks say "swim," they picture a specific stroke (often a stroke like one used in racing Freestyle). Unfortunately, that muddies the issues.

When I say "swim," I mean any human movement that produces a traveling effect in the water (without using the sides of a pool or the bottom of the pool, lake, etc., and without--of course--a boat or other device.)

A specific human movement or set of movements is more precisely called a "stroke."

Therefore, an individual can "swim" without knowing or using a "stroke." And, an individual who uses a "stroke" is likely to swim--that is, to travel in the water.

Discussions of safety and of learning will be more precise when these terms form a foundation of understanding.

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