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Weather ALERT

Link to Weather ALERT

Weather shifts frequently. Please be sure to check the CALENDAR one final time right before you leave home to come for your lesson. I will post information when information is available.

Please remember ALWAYS to check before coming to your lesson--even if the weather seems all right.

If you do not have the link for the CALENDAR, email me for the link. (When I say CALENDAR, I do not mean this news link or the old weekly schedule below. I mean the new central information in calendar format on another site.)

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Weekly schedule

Link to Weekly schedule

During the summer I teach classes for all ages 4 months to ... well, how old are you? I truly enjoy sharing new swimming strokes, comfort in the water, safety, and other aquatic skills. I also have some synchronized swimming (synchro) activities in the summer.

During the school year, I have synchronized swimming (synchro) activities almost exclusively. I have very, very few "regular" swimming lessons during the school year.



  • Schedule now appears in CALENDAR format on another site.

  • If you do not have the LINK for the calendar format, email me your information (learn@swimsuccess.com) and I will send you the LINK.


  • If you want to be on our synchro mailing list, please email synchro@swimsuccess.com.

  • Do not come to visit the pool without a confirmed appointment. If you want to make an appointment for a visit, please read and submit the form at http://swimsuccess.weebly.com/required-pool-visit.html.


Here are two other websites where you may find additional information.

  • http://swimsuccess.weebly.com

  • http://swimsynchro.weebly.com


Look into the POOL SCHOOLERS swimming for families. (Information in the above websites.)

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The Healing Power of Words

Link to The Healing Power of Words

I wanted to share this with you. I do not know to whom to credit the image.

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